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De Engelstalige (originele) Israel Today biedt vele interessante artikelen, zoals onderstaande.
Lang niet alles wordt vertaald in het Nederlands.

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Israel: UN agencies complicit in Hamas war crimes

Jordan is Palestine, insists top Dutch politician Geert Wilders

A mother who lost her son on Oct. 7 describes her world as ‘shattered’

How the US, the UN and the media saved Hamas Nazis thirty years ago

Once a ‘violent savage’. The ‘Damascus Road’ story of the Son of Hamas.

Palestinians: ‘Extreme’ support for Hamas, Israel’s destruction

More Hamas lies exposed

Iron Beam laser intercepts Hamas rocket from Gaza

A nation of superheroes

The myth of ‘Jewish settler violence’

100 Jewish youngsters make Aliyah to enlist in IDF

Tachles with Aviel – Where is ‘little Hitler’ hiding?

ANALYSIS: Israel, America and Iran’s current multi-front war

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